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Do you have a crisis in your life and need the help of Psychic Source to resolve it? What if you could know exactly what is going to happen in the future so that you could prepare yourself for it? What if you could change the way you handle things now so that your future could be different? These are just a couple of the things to consider when you are looking at the way life is now and how it could possibly be later on. When you visit an online psychic here you’ll have more power and control to determine your life’s outcome and that’s so very, very powerful!

Psychic Source Review Rating 4.9/5

I very rarely give such a high rating to any service or website but I couldn’t help it with this one. I was skeptical when I first started the whole online psychic experiment but I have to say that my whole viewpoint turned around after giving this site a try. I was connected with a psychic that told me exactly what my future outlook would be and pointed out a few things I could do to change it. I was shocked and implemented a few lifestyle changes and they worked! I would never have believed it before that a psychic could accurately predict things that were personal to me and at the same time understand all of my concerns and questions. I’m a lifelong believer now and will use a psychic from now on to help me meet my goals in life.

The Most Amazing Features of Psychic Source and Why I Return Week after Week!

  • Psychic specialty selection
  • Quick View
  • Free horoscopes
  • Discount for new customers
  • Trusted psychics
  • Easy ordering

Find the exact psychic you need right now!  – if you’re like most people these days you’re in a hurry and need to do things quickly. Instead of reading through all of the psychic profiles on the site (which would take hours!), you can choose your psychic by narrowing your search down to the tools they use, their reading and language styles and their expertise. Don’t waste your time on other sites that don’t offer this quick selection tool. You’ll be able to find the right psychic in just a few minutes at this site!

See their appearance using the Quick View tool! – When you’re using an online psychic it’s important to be able to match a face to the voice you’re hearing on the other end. According to Psychic Source reviews this is the one feature that people most rely on to help them choose their favorite psychic. A picture can paint 1000 words and you’ll need to have a psychic that you feel comfortable working with.

Free horoscopes! – Who doesn’t want something for free – especially when it’s a horoscope that lets you know how your upcoming weeks and months are going to be? Horoscopes usually give you advance warning of problems and situations that could potentially arise. When you’re ready for these things, you can easily handle them!

Amazing discount for new customers! – If you’re like me you want to get a discount when you’re trying out something new. At Psychic Source you can try out their services and take advantage of an 87% savings right off the bat! You’ll only have to pay one dollar per minute for your reading and best of all if you’re not happy with it you’ll get it for free! This is a no-lose situation and one that you simply can’t pass up – especially if you’re struggling in your life right now!

Choose only trusted psychics! – I have been scammed too many times in my life to take a chance on working with a second rate psychic site. At this website I know that all of the psychics have been tested thoroughly before they can work with customers. They have had to prove themselves and show that they do have the gift to look into the future and predict what will happen. I need to know ahead of time that my hard earned money is going to somebody that truly has the power to see what the future holds.

Order your reading with the touch of a button– one of the reasons why I love psychic source so much is the ease-of-use when I’m on the site. Just the click of a couple of buttons and I’m on my way to a reading. When you first land on this website you’ll see for yourself just how easy it is to navigate. I hate sites that are complicated! I tend to stay away from them and only use the ones that are easy to follow. Life is already complicated enough!

Reduce the Extra Stress in Your Life! Plan Your Life with a Psychic Reading!

When you’re having problems or simply want to know what the game plan is for your life keep things simple by visiting this site! It’s a one-stop shop for the answers that you need to know and it’s the easiest place to ask your questions. I personally love this site and I have connected with a few amazing psychics that I have used time and time again. When you absolutely need to know – this is the place to go!

California Psychics Review 1/5

I must say that I really don’t like this website as well. It’s definitely not my first choice when it comes to online psychic sites. I have a psychic there that I have turned to when I had a financial situation that I couldn’t resolve on my own. The reading was okay but it wasn’t as accurate as what I would have liked. This site does have easy to navigate pages and it’s easy to order a reading online but I still shy away from it. I have seen a lot of California Psychics reviews and there are a lot of people that haven’t been thrilled with their readings and have decided to go elsewhere.

The Best Features

  • New customer discounts available
  • Approved psychics
  • Free horoscopes
  • Video testimonials
  • Blog articles added daily

This website also provides an introductory offer to new customers at $1 per minute. After you have used this discount, however, you’ll have to choose from different packages for your readings including a preferred, premier or elite package. These packages are very pricey and for an elite package you’ll have to pay $8 per minute! If you are experiencing a severe crisis in your life you may want to choose a higher cost package that you can’t really afford.

The psychics at the site have had to work hard to get approval similar to the Psychic Source spiritual consultants. You don’t have to worry about getting fake readings at either of these sites but I must say that I haven’t had the greatest results with the California site.

Video Testimonials and Daily Blog Articles are Great but I Am Looking for Top-Notch Psychics!

This site offers video testimonials and daily blog articles about life and livingness that you may find interesting. If you want to hear what somebody has to say about a particular psychic you can view the video instead of reading through a pile of text. If you like to read about spiritual guidance you can browse through the blog articles to get your daily fill. As well, free horoscopes are provided so that you can know exactly what’s in store for you this month!

While all that is good it’s not what I am searching for when visiting a psychic website. I am looking for the best psychics. That’s what I want! These added features simply make the site more complicated for me to navigate!

Choose the Right Psychic Website When You Need to Make Life-Changing Decisions!

Now the ball’s in your court! One of the other reasons why California Psychics gets such a low rating is it only offers phone readings. You can’t have a chat reading like you can at the other spiritual site and that bothers me. Sometimes I can’t place a phone call when I need a reading because there are others within hearing distance and I want to talk privately. For this reason, I do use the chat option quite often at Psychic Source. If you’re the type of person that wants a private conversations when others are around you at home or at the office then the California site just isn’t going to work for you!

Psychic Source vs. California Psychics – And the Winner Is…

Psychic Source! It’s my hands-down winner! This site has everything I need and more. I’m a busy person and I don’t have a lot of time to worry about navigating a site. I need something fast and easy-to-use. As well, I’ve had better results with the psychics here and know that I can trust it 100%. When you have a prominent celebrity recommending the site you know that you can’t go wrong!

Tori Spelling Chooses This Website! Find Out Why!

I thought I’d end off my review with the most compelling evidence that a psychic website works and is credible. Tori Spelling represents this site because she trusts the advisers there and appreciates the extremely rigid screening process in place for psychics. She claims that she is amazed with the readings and that they’ve been spot on. When you have somebody that is willing to go the extra mile and speak out positively about Psychic Source you know that it must be trustworthy!


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