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The Things You Should Know About Psychic Abilities

When you Google the term “power”, it will define the word as the ability to influence other people. We all have this ability; we all have this power. But if I told you that you have psychic abilities, I can imagine an eyebrow lifting.

But it’s true! You, me, all of us; we have the power to see and take in information stimulated by the five senses and have psychic abilities. Plus, you may be even more psychic than you have ever dreamed of!

We all have “psychic muscles” but we never learn how to see them until we are old enough to take interest in psychic abilities. By this time, we are adults and we can’t are probably cultivate these seeds of talent anymore. It’s the sad truth.

Take a moment now to examine your own abilities. Meditate on your psychic abilities: seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and feeling. Think about the knowledge they hand to you. Note that it is all within you and it’s just a matter of connecting to them.

There are several types of psychic abilities. Now, I will discuss these to you: Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyant, and Clairtangency. You may belong to one or more of them. Pay close attention.



Etymology: Clair which is French for clear

Common Usage: Those who have “Clair variety”

Definition: It literally means “clear hearing. It is ability to identify sounds from the spirit empire like music and words. It is like telepathy but you cannot read the minds of other mortals.

Scenario of Psychic Abilities: You can get information from creatures that don’t exist in our terms of reality. You can hear the words of the spirits and analyze those. They will serve as your guide in your predictions.



Definition: It means “lucid sensation, feeling or knowing”. It is the ability that permits a person to gain information through what we call the “gut” feelings physically. It is linked to intuition but it is more than that.

Scenario: This is just an example. You will have a feeling that your friend’s favorite pet is hiding. You have this feeling because you somehow connected and feel the same feelings as the pet. You will also feel its physical conditions at the same moments like if it is wounded you’d also feel the wound in the same place.

Other sources of power: You can get feelings from concrete materials and parts of nature like leaves or water.



Definition: It means” clear vision”. The capability to “see with the mind’s eyes” in and on of reality,

Trivia: Psychic abilities recognized worldwide in pop culture through movies, TV shows, documentaries, news, and the internet. Clairvoyance is the most common of psychic abilities and the most popular, too. We usually associate it with crystal balls and women with turbans. However, clairvoyants are not limited to these images.

Scenario: You can see the image of your close ones whether a family member or a friend dead or living without even meeting them personally.



Definition: This is what we call “clear touching” the ability to get the “energy” and history of an object held.


Trivia: It is often referred as the art of “psychometry”. Psychic abilities like this draw energy from the things and people around them. They use this energy to make predictions.

Scenario: You touch a sweater that once was owned by your grandmother and you will be able to know her experiences when she was wearing it.

Now that you know the types of psychic abilities, you can begin to develop them. I suggest you should research more. There are less popular abilities that may be essential for you such as: Clairscent (clear smelling), Clairgustance (clear tasting) and “Clairempathy” (clear emotion). But I believe that if you should dig deeper with the basic “big four” to analyze what you are strong at and weak at, you’ll easily get where you want to go in building up your psychic abilities.

Accessing Clear Knowing

Claircognizance is the term for gaining “clear knowing”. It refers to the ability to get information without the five senses. A person that is considered a claircognizant will gain knowledge without knowing the reason or how he gained it. He will only know the knowledge is true.

Where does Claircognizance come from?

Those with psychic abilities of claircognizance have a third eye chakra (on the mid-forehead) or crown chakra (on the top of the forehead). The gift is often ignored because explanations behind the information are hard to express. Thus, the chakra weakens, and sometimes dies.

A claircognizant can’t verify the information or present facts to prove what he knows and he can’t even identify where it came from. It is believed they gain knowledge straight into their mind or spirit. Psychic abilities such as this is can’t be verified but you know it’s true when your mind and spirit tells you that it is.

Getting to Know the Claircognizant Reader

A claircognizant reader may have “clear knowledge” but then again, clear knowledge doesn’t mean that he knows everything. Psychic abilities like this occur in a reading when he provides information which he couldn’t have received without the assistance of the unknown.

He could know if someone was fibbing or an alcoholic, for example. These are basic predictions. However, it is necessary to predict simple and basic information to be able to predict the big ones, like knowing the future.

Claircognizance can also happen at any point of time from the past to the future through giving insights on what happened in the past, what is happening currently, or what will happen in the future. It is connected to postcognition or knowing things about the past and precognition which is knowing things about the future.

There are psychic companies who can offer you several choices in finding reader. California Psychics is one of them. They are a team of psychics who can provide activities for the readers with their variety of skills.

 Claircognizant Reader vs. Non-Claircognizant Reader

When getting a reading appointment, note that not all of the psychics have all the “clair” senses or psychic abilities. If you are looking for a specific ability claircognizance, research about the profiles of the readers. This could be done on websites. Read some of the reviews of their clients to be sure they have the claircognizance.

There are readers who even have claircognizance and another “clair” sense like clairsentient or clairaudient psychic abilities. Possibilities of such are countless.

Claircognizance may not be as popular as the basic four “clairs” but it is quite useful in a psychic readings. It is direct information but it does not provide the reasons, processes, or timing related to the information.

7 Ways to Step Up with Psychic Ability using Water

Explore your psychic ability with the great element – water. Water has harmony to the subconscious thoughts and emotions. Using water will help you expand your psychic ability and powers to your other abilities.

I have here eve ways you can develop your psychic ability. This practice should be done with patience and on a continuous basis. You may not be a pro instantly but practice makes perfect…you’ll be a master if you truly work for it.

You will need a clear bowl filled with bottled or spring water along. Rose or cinnamon oil will be handy too.

  1. Find somewhere quiet and peaceful. Bring the bowl of spring water and oil container with you.
  1. Take a seat. Put the bowl and oil before you. Straighten your back. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and enjoy the moment. Release all your worries.
  1. When you are ready, pour 3 to 4 drops of rose or cinnamon oil into the bowl of water. Breathe it in ad know it will arouse your psychic abilities and develop them.
  1. Continue to breathe slowly. The oil will help you focus on what you want to happen. Concentrate on the basin of water by laying your eyes on it. Observe the light or the ripple created by wind. Focus by keeping your mind on nothing else.
  1. A trance-like feeling may come upon you or mental images may appear. Not these but don’t think too much of them. Relax until you are united with the water. Do this as long as you like.
  1. When finished, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Recall what happened to you when you concentrated on the water. It is alright if you can’t think of anything significant. Accomplishing emptying your mind is big deal in developing your psychic ability.
  1. Open your eyes once more. Scribble down everything you remember from the practice. Keep a psychic journal. Your thoughts will help you identify mental visions when you face them,

The more practice you get, the more comfortable you will be in practicing your psychic abilities. Patience is the key. Remember your abilities will not show instantly. Motivate yourself by keeping n your mind that as you continue to sharpen your psychic abilities, you are taking a step towards to getting your desire.


Everything You Should Know About Real Psychic Readings

Psychic readings have gained a lot of fame in the current world. Because of this growth in the industry, a lot of people have developed their own fake psychic reading businesses. In the psychic world, there are more fake readers than real psychic readers. With this information, people should be very cautious and be able to differentiate real psychic readings from fake ones.

Fake Psychic Services for an Extra Coin


These fake readers take advantage of desperate and naïve clients in order to get money out of them, giving fake and unrealistic promises from their fake readings. Most people who set up these fake psychic reading businesses are in it for the money. It is sad to think that people take advantage of other people simply because of greed for money, without having the client’s interest at heart.

Unfulfilled Promises from Fake Psychics


These fake readers only promise good deeds even when that is not the case. They have little concern about the client’s future and what he/she might be up against. These fake professionals have given the psychic world a very poor reputation and most people end up staying away from psychic experts even when they give real psychic readings since they think all psychics are the same, fake frauds.

Red Flags to Watch Out for In the Psychic World


However, there are still legit experts who give real psychic readings in the industry. To get a hold of these genuine psychic readers, you need to be extra careful and watch out for red flags that are going to be highlighted in this article. These red flags will help you know when a psychic reader is a fake.

The Newspaper’s Daily Horoscope


Fake readers can be differentiated from real experts since the fake ones mostly ask about a client’s birth date or their star symbols. These are irrelevant enquiries. They use these dates to steal information from the newspaper which always has a section regarding the daily horoscope on star symbols. They take this newspaper information and phrase it differently through text but they actually mean the same.

A Client’s Lifestyle/Social Status


When using online psychic sources, the fraud readers ask for geographical specifics such as which state or city you are in. they might also inquire the age and job occupation. With this information, the fake readers can gauge your class and probably the social status. Where you live and what job you do really say a lot about a person’s income. This way, they can calculate what amount of money they will squeeze from your account.

Personal Information Should not be Disclosed to any Psychic Reader


They manipulate this information to give fake readings based on mere sociology study. Using information about your age and social status, the fake psychic reader can even tell about your relationship status as well as the type of lifestyle you need. They can tell whether the client is in the middle class or first class or even economic class lifestyles. Most fake psychic readers invest more time on people with higher social statuses.

Extra Charges for Fake Promises


To increase the charges for the psychic services, most fake psychic readers feed their clients with unrealistic promises to mend their love or financial issues by recommending fake ingredients to the spells which only add up to costly charges. One red flag that clients should watch out is the mention of curses cast upon families or friends. There are no such things as curses. They manipulate the fear of curses in people to rob them some extra coins.

Infamous Psychic Readers


The above signs should help you differentiate real psychic readings from fake ones. Fake psychics are not only found over the internet but in real life too. You can also tell that a psychic reader is not genuine if they start associating themselves with celebrities or they try and convince clients that they are famous.

If they do tell you this and you have never heard or read about them, then chances are that they are fraudulent. If these psychics are as famous as they claim, well surely one of your family members or your friends must have heard about them.

The Expert Should Provide Answers to Questions


There are certain common questions that fake readers normally ask. These questions don’t give any relevant or real psychic readings. Fake readers can never ask questions that only real psychic readings can answer or ask any questions that they can find hard to answer. They only ask general vague questions which try to trick you into thinking that they are getting a reading from these questions.

Question-Answer Forum after a Psychic Reading Session


A qualified psychic expert allows the clients to ask a few questions which they confidently answer after real psychic readings. A fake artist will not give his/her client the opportunity to ask any questions. This is because these questions might be hard to answer and the client might sense some bit of dishonesty or contradictory information thus exposing the reader as a fake.

 A legit psychic expert should be in a position to give clients clear instances about their past, present or future. However, if you get a psychic who only gives vague future instances about nothing in particular, well he/she is a fraudulent.

Live Readings


It is normally advisable to have a face to face live meeting with your psychic instead of just relying on technology and the inventions of web cams to link you to your psychic. While meeting up with the psychic for the first time, it is better to dress casual.

It should not be too fancy and neither should it be too skimpy. Avoid wearing a lot of jewelry or accessories that may portray you as wealthy. Even from the way you speak, the tenses you use and the vocabularies you use could be used by the fake psychic about your level of education, your socioeconomic class as well as your family background.

Hiding Your Social Status from Fake Psychics


If you are not sure about whether your expert gives valid and real psychic reading or not, do not do or say anything that might give away your social status to the reader. A real psychic is not concerned with what you wear or how you sit or talk. What they are really interested in is the type of service they can offer and how their services can improve your life, be it love, family or financial problems. They are able to pick up real psychic readings regardless of your social background.

Private Information Should not be Disclosed to Any Psychic Expert


There is certain information that should not be disclosed to your psychic reader. Most fake psychic readers lure their prey into disclosing information that they should not. A psychic’s job is to provide solutions to problems but not to ask unnecessary and irrelevant information.  By asking these questions, the fake readers come up with their own answers that are not even fact-based or real in any way. A fake reader will give you these answers and try to manipulate your thoughts into thinking that they somehow communicated with the natural world to get these answers.

Fake Psychics Tell You What You Want To Hear


To attract clients, fake psychics tend to tell people exactly what they need to hear instead of the actual truth. Especially while handling issues dealing with love, their ultimate reading is always that things are going to be fine and the client will eventually fall in love again, or get the previous relationship fixed. This is going to be fully based on questions that they ask before the readings are drawn.

Unethical Psychic Practices


Real psychic readings tell it how it is, whether it is good or bad. Fake psychics just want to keep the clients coming back for more readings which are equivalent to more money, regardless of the client’s personal life. They try to befriend the clients and get into their social circle in order to squeeze more money from them through their always positive psychic readings.

A Qualified Expert Should Act Professional


A professional does exactly  that and stays professional while giving the real psychic readings, they deliver them as they are, whether good or bad, without the intentions of befriending the clients since that would be unethical. They simply provide qualified real psychic readings as the job entails, without personal interests attached.

Feedback Response


It might become hard to know the difference between real psychic readings and fake ones, especially when it comes to feedbacks. A real psychic expert is supposed to have both good and bad reviews from their clients, when researched over the internet.

If you come across one that only has positive reviews, then chances are that he/she is a fake expert. The fake psychics can maneuver the internet and change their reviews only to read as highly rated. Some psychics even go to the extent of hiring people to give them high reviews for their services.

Detailed Research about Psychic Experts


To get a real psychic expert, it is important to carry in-depth research about them over the websites. The information in these web pages can tell you whether the artist gives real psychic readings or they just ask questions and provide solutions based on these questions. Carrying out this research guarantees that your money is not misused by fake psychic experts.

Steps Involved in Real Psychic Readings


There are certain steps that psychic experts need to follow in order to give real psychic readings. There are also certain regulations in this field. One of them being that the expert is not supposed to ask certain questions in order to offer the services. A client’s private life needs to be preserved and not misused in the name of real psychic readings.

A Qualified Psychic Should Allow you to Ask Questions


You can tell that a psychic is a fake or not if he/she allows you to ask any questions, even ones that you have not dealt with. If an expert doesn’t allow you to ask any questions, then rest assured that he/she is a fake expert and any predictions made about your future during the psychic session is false. By asking questions, the client can carry out an own evaluation whether the psychic is genuine or not.

Guidelines to Help Differentiate a Real Psychic from a Fake


The list of questions should be prepared before the psychic session. Once you get answers to your questions, you can rub them off your list. A real psychic should have no problem with you recording the session in order to clearly listen to it later. There are certain guidelines that a client should go through in order to ensure that they receive real psychic readings from their experts of choice.

With these detailed points, it becomes easy to differentiate between a fake psychic and a real one. Once you have carefully read through the guidelines, you can gain some confidence in your psychic expert, when they give you real psychic readings.


Are Psychics Real? Here’s The Real Answer

There is a lot of information on the internet these days about psychics and whether they are real or not. You might consider carrying out in-depth research especially on psychic testimonies. The internet provides a list of these psychics, explaining whether they should be trusted or not. Most people find themselves asking are psychics real? Well you no longer need to ask yourself that since the answer is on the internet.

Psychic Reading Is a Talent


Psychic reading is more of a gift than a profession. Having knowledge about these talented experts helps you understand more about how the psychic world operates, if you ever want to actually engage in psychic readings. This information also keeps you away of the fake psychics in the industry and how to stay away from them.

Fake Psychic Experts


Psychic readings do not always have to be about getting thrilling information about your future. If these are the results you always get from your psychic, well you should indeed ask yourself are psychics real? This is because you might be a victim of fake psychic readings.

Fake psychics manipulate a client’s weakness to their advantage. If they realize that a particular client gets excited over certain good news, then they will keep this good news coming to ensure that the client keeps coming back, thus spending more with every psychic session.

Online Psychic Discussion Forums


There are certain online discussion forums held by people with keen interest in psychic reading. These forums also help a great deal in asking his common question; are psychics real? These forums allow you to interact with people who have actually gone through a psychic reading and they can share the information to shed light on the difference between real and fake psychics.

Before engaging in an actual psychic reading sessions, you could share your ideas and opinions about the whole experience. By doing so, you get information from people who have actually been there. These prior steps allow you to be in a better position to engage in the whole psychic session.

Spiritual Growth is a Journey not a Situation


Psychic sessions are meant to help people channel their inner energy into more productive natural energy. Clients should be careful of false psychic experts who have no concern or care about a client’s well-being.

Psychic reading is a more of a journey than a one-time experience. Therefore, clients should be precise about the expert they choose, who will help them grow spiritually and not just take money from them while offering fake spiritual guidance.

Who are Real Psychics?


This article will help you gain knowledge which will come in handy when getting a real psychic. Are psychics real about the readings they give? Some are real, some are fakes. These are some of the challenges that a client is expected to experience while pursuing this spiritual path. You should be willing to learn new things while engaging in this mortal cause.

Are Psychic Powers all The Same?


Every psychic is unique in their own way. Are psychics real and identical? Well psychics might be authentic but they are surely not the same. They have certain differences that uniquely identify them.

Every psychic analyses a particular situation differently. If they are real, then their solutions to certain problems have to be ultimately the same. Are psychics real and true to their words? if the expert is ;legit, then they are honest and precisely true to what they say.

Experienced Psychics Versus Young Psychics


Inexperienced experts can only get a glimpse of the actual deal. However, a highly-experienced psychic is able to give finer details about a client’s future, past and presence. This might sound inconsistent but it is really not. The psychic talent is the same. Whether you are dealing with a talented expert or an amateur, the prospect is always the same. As long as the expert and amateur are not fakes, then you are in good hands.

Different Psychic Powers


Different psychic experts have different specialization areas. This special gift is what makes them unique and ideal at the same time.

However, we should not forget that even with different specialization centers, their mortal cause is one. The special talent can be expressed in various ways that are useful to human beings. These talents include medium-ship, telepathy or clairvoyance. Telepathy involves non verbal communication. Here, people communicate without having to talk, simply by focusing on the same things.

What is Clairvoyance?


Clairvoyance involves receiving a vision about someone’s past, present situation or future occurrence. The person should not have necessarily shared any information about themselves to the experts. These gifts start blossoming when the psychics are very young.

They start showing through visions, felling strange emotions and realizing new things. From here, the gift is nurtured to perform more complex actions as the person grows. So, are psychics real? Yes they are.

How Young Psychics Withdraw From the Society


When the psychic signs start showing, the carrier might be caught in maze and find him/herself detaching from the society since they think nobody will understand what he/she is going though. Some might even think that the person has gone crazy. With time, the visions become more vivid and detailed research helps the individual gain clarity about this situation which is more of a blessing.

Taking Short Notes during Psychic Sessions.


Psychic readers are advised to take some notes during a spiritual session with his/her clients. These notes can be reviewed later to help the expert get a clearer idea of what the client might be dealing with. This is because most experts engage in some individual research about a certain client’s situation in order to get clear answers.

How Parents Could Help Kids Nurture the Psychic Talent


Are psychics real in life? How can they blend in the community? Psychics are not outcasts or people infested with some kind of contagious disease. They are normal human beings with special mental abilities. Parents and guardians should be able to understand this so that if and when they notice certain behavior changes in their children, they can tell that the child is psychic and help them nurture this rare talent.

Psychic Readings: Types, Definitions, Proof

Many people have questioned whether horoscopes, such as California psychic horoscopes, are real, and where their predictions come from.  Psychic readings come in many different forms.

The following is a list of some different types of psychic readings:

  • Aura or energy field reading
  • Tea leaf reading
  • Palm reading
  • Tarot card reading
  • Horoscopes

Horoscopes Are a Form of Psychic Reading


Something many people do not realize is that horoscopes (when they are real) are written by psychics.  A horoscope, such as a California psychic horoscope, is a psychic reading that applies to a general grouping of people based upon their common birthdates.

The more specific the date range, the more specific and accurate the reading.  For example, a horoscope which is written for all people born on July 9 is more specific than one written for all people under the zodiac sign of Cancer who could be born anywhere between June 21 and July 22.

What is a Psychic Reading?

 So then, you may ask, what exactly is a psychic reading?  That is a valid question.  With so many different things falling into the range of ‘psychic readings,’ what is the one string that holds them all together?

One answer is prediction.  Although some parts of psychic readings involve looking backward or at the current moment, one common element is looking forward and predicting the future.  This is why we can lump horoscopes together with the other types of psychic readings listed above.

Psychics have different abilities.  Some can feel, intuitively, the answers to your questions – as if the answers just pop right into their heads.  Some psychics receive their information from angels, spirit guides, and people who have passed on to the other side.

Some psychics receive very detailed and personal information about individuals.  Others receive general information about world events.  The differences between these types of abilities are what lead to different types of psychic readings.

Are Psychic Readings Only About the Future?

 As mentioned earlier, the answer to this question is: No.  Although it is true that many people seek psychic readings because they want to know about their future, some people are just as interested in their own past.  For most people it is really a search to know the unknown.

As well as we may think we know our own past, our past is often shaded by our perceptions and blurred by our poor memory abilities.  Psychic readings can help you understand why things happened as they did.

A psychic reading can also help you heal from the past by explaining how a lost loved one died, how they are doing on the other side, and communicating important messages from that loved one.


Are Psychic Readings Real?


Governmental, monarchical, and bureaucratic systems in distant history world often employed psychics to help them predict anything from the level of enemy threat, to economic stability, to the outcome of war.

In certain tribes and chiefdoms people with psychic abilities held highly esteemed positions in the social hierarchy.  Some places in the world today still revere those with psychic abilities.

Psychics do not hold such an esteemed place in Western societies.  For many years they were considered fakes, frauds, or freaks.  However, in recent decades, studies have been being conducted into psychics and their abilities.

These studies have not proven all psychics are fakes and have yet to fully explain their abilities.  In fact, these studies have shown that some psychics’ predictions are correct far too often for them to be simple guesswork. There are many effective and professional psychics in the industry these days, and one of them is California Psychics horoscope. The best thing to do is to give them a shot and find out for yourself.