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Be Psyched For Cheap Psychic Readings Online!

Believing in life after death and needing to connect with a departed loved one, wanting to know what the future will bring, looking for guidance in decision making– these are basically the major motivations where people acquire the services of psychics and participate in high quality and cheap psychic readings online.

What is a psychic?


A psychic is someone known to have a “sixth sense” or claims to have extra-sensory perception (ESP); someone who claims to know things about the client which are not a common knowledge to even his or her closest family members or friends.

What are some psychic abilities?


Having extra-sensory perception (ESP), a psychic manifests his or her abilities in numerous ways. The following are some psychic abilities which are more prominent in the world of cheap psychic readings online:

  1. Astral Projection – an out-of-body experience. This usually happens when the individual is unconscious and the spirit separates from the physical body to hover over it and observe the events happening around the body.
  2. Aura Reading – every living object has an aura or life force. The psychic senses the aura and studies it to detect whether the client is troubled or not.
  3. Automatic Writing–communication technique used by clairvoyants wherein information from the spirit world is transmitted through the clairvoyant’s subconscious and written on paper.
  4. Channeling – this ability uses psychics as mediums, wherein the body of the psychic is taken over by an invisible entity and directly communicates to the client.
  5. Clairvoyance – the physics’ ability to see visions of people, events, and places that are removed from the normal range of the psychic.
  6. Clairsentience – the ability of the psychic to know things and ideas that are hidden from his or her knowledge.
  7. Divination – commercially used ability of the psychic, it is better known as fortune telling.
  8. Intuition–inner sense of events, activities, or feelings of others. Usually identified as gut feeling.
  9. Precognition – with the help of specific information of certain events, the future can be foretold.
  10. Psychometry– the ability of the psychic to perceive vibrations, impressions, or energies from a thing or object.
  11. Telekinesis – this is the ability of the psychic to move objects with the use of mind power.
  12. Telepathy – the ability to communicate with others with the use of the mind or mental thought.

The good news is that you can already get in touch of the experienced psychics with these abilities through acquiring genuine yet cheap psychic readings online.

What is a psychic reading?


A psychic reading is the meeting between client and psychic wherein the psychic reads the aura of the client or gains information about the client from the spirits or energy surrounding the client and answers the questions the client is asking.

Generally, psychic reading is done face to face. However, in this age of technical and digital advancement, psychic reading can now be done online. And you won’t have to worry about the cost because there are certainly lots of cheap psychic readings online.

What is online psychic reading?


Online psychic reading is a psychic reading done over the internet or World Wide Web. Instead of the client going to the psychics’ place of business or the agreed upon meeting venue, both client and psychic can conduct their reading in the comfort of their own homes connected through the internet by using any form of online device be it laptop, personal computer, tablets, smart phones, etc.

What are the advantages of online psychic reading?


Choosing to have online psychic reading saves the client time, money, and effort.

  • TIME – the client minimizes the time spent in preparing for the meeting; travel time is a non-issue.
  • MONEY – some online psychic readings offer free services in the initial meeting which saves the client money. Cheaper rates can also be given by the psychics because it also saves them time and effort in conducting the reading online.


Since travel is not anymore a concern in online psychic readings, the money allotted for face to face meeting can be saved or used for other purpose. All in all online psychic reading is cheaper than physical psychic reading. Things have now gotten really better through cheap psychic readings online.

  • EFFORT – all necessary preparations required in physical psychic reading like travel schedule or having additional cash on hand in case of arising problems while travelling to the psychic is unimportant. Instead, in online psychic reading, both client and psychic can automatically move towards the purpose of the meeting.

Because psychics have various abilities, they also offer various modes of cheap psychic readings online. Listed below are some of the services they offer online.

  • Telephone Reading with Psychics – a reading done over a landline, a mobile phone, or web supported phone (Skype). This reading is recorded and a copy will be sent to the client to help in refreshing the points and answers raised in the session.
  • Text Questions to Psychics – a reading done with the text you sent. Only one question is entertained per reading.
  • Chats with Psychics – a reading conducted through online chat rooms. The conversation can also be printed as a clients’ copy for his or her reference.
  • E-mail Reading with Psychics – this mode of reading is done when the client has difficulty in formulating the questions he or she needs to ask. E-mail Reading give the client the time to compose his or her thoughts before sending the set of questions.
  • Distance Healing – Distance is not a hindrance in psychic healing. It still have the same effect as the ones performed in the presence of both client and psychic.
  • Personalized Astrology Charts – through online interaction, the psychic can draw a personalized astrology chart for the client which will aid him or her in her daily life and decision making.

These services can now be experienced and enjoyed at a price you can afford. So, if you need help in any of these areas, it’s wise to start grabbing cheap psychic readings online today.

What are the disadvantages of online psychic reading?          


The primary disadvantage of choosing to have cheap psychic readings online is the risk of encountering fake psychics or scammers. Just like any other goods or services offered in any industry, fake or imitation of goods and services are also present and rampant in the field of online psychic reading.

Some people become victims of these fake psychics who may put them in danger of losing their money, believing false ideas, and sometimes even disrupting their peaceful lives.

Therefore, client must be vigilant in choosing his or her cheap psychic readings online to ensure that the one they chose is a legitimate psychic.

What to do to check for psychic legitimacy and avoid being scammed?


  • Avoid solo online psychic – most legitimate online psychic readers have a number of psychics in their roster. This is to ensure that every client can be served the best way they know how and to avoid being scammed by any other psychic within the network.

Solo online psychic though some are legit are most often prone to conducting scams on unsuspecting clients. This is because they can do anything they want without fear of reprisal from other psychics.

  • Check the references and experiences of the psychic – because information can be obtained with the click of a button, make sure to know more about the chosen psychic by reading his or her experiences, references, and reviews of clients.
  • Avoid psychics who claim the following:
  1. You are surrounded by negative energy and only they can help you vanquish it.
  2. You are cursed and they have the remedy to remove said curse.
  3. They can give you a spell to help turn your fortune for you.

These claims are given with the intent to scam you for more money. They will demand higher amount of payment in retaining their services to ensure good fortune in your life.

In conclusion, in every endeavor, a person must always keep an open mind. This is very important when it deals with cheap psychic readings online.

Because there are no scientific findings available with regards to psychics and their abilities, one must be open to possibilities that such things exist which is beyond the physical world. However, if the client has a bad feeling regarding the upcoming or ongoing psychic reading or has misgivings regarding the psychic it is better to terminate said session. Everybody has intuitions but not all are highly developed in the case of psychics.

Keep in mind that in undergoing psychic reading be it in a face to face meeting or an online form, the client must always let the psychic guide the session for it is their expertise.

Client must not go into the session with a fixed outcome in mind; he or she is bound to be disappointed. Client must listen to credible details provided by the psychic, this is to ensure that the psychic is legit and is not fishing for information that the client unintentionally provides.

Though there are some cheap psychic readings online that do not directly answer the questions asked by the client, everything a legit psychic has to say is for the purpose of helping the client live his or her life better now and in preparation for his or her future.


Myths About Telephone Psychic Reading, Debunked

Are you interested in the convenience of a telephone psychic reading but afraid because of some negative things you may have heard about them?  If so, this is the article for you.  Today we will look at the top three misconceptions about telephone psychic readings.

Common misconceptions about telephone psychic readings are:

  • Telephone psychic readings are scams.
  • The telephone psychic will ask you questions and reword your answers back to you.
  • Telephone psychic readings are not as accurate as in-person readings.

MYTH: The telephone psychic will ask you questions are reword your answers back to you.


This is simply not true in the case of real telephone psychics.  If you find yourself speaking with a telephone psychic who asks you personal questions, consider finding a new one.

There are definitely people out there who have learned how to manipulate others into providing information, then use that information later in a ‘reading.’  These people are not real psychics.  This can happen in any form of psychic reading and is something you should always watch out for.

In telephone psychic readings with a real psychic, you will not be asked personal questions.  What he or she reads is your unique energy.  Energy is not the same matter.  It is not a thing we can touch, and is therefore not bound by the laws that govern things we can touch.

Of course you would have to describe a table in your living room to someone you are on the phone with, because they cannot see the table.  Your energy is different.  It is not bound to one place.  A true psychic can read your energy from any distance.

MYTH: Telephone psychic readings are scams.


Some people believe that telephone psychic readings are fake and that telephone psychics will charge you incredible amounts of money and trick you into staying on the phone longer.  This is not true if you are dealing with a reputable company.

Many telephone psychics will allow you a certain number of minutes for free.  It is up to you if you would like to continue talking after those minutes have expired.  If you have hard-hitting questions ready and ask them from the outset, you can get an idea of whether or not this psychic is someone you would like to spend your money on.  If you don’t feel that you are getting a service worth paying for, you can simply hang up when your free minutes are over.

Also, many companies have websites through which you can control the amount of money you spend.  They allow you to fill an account with however much money you would like to spend on your psychic reading, and alert you when that money is gone.  They do not tie in directly to your credit card, bank account, or phone bill.

MYTH:  Telephone psychic readings are not as accurate as in-person readings.


As has already been discussed, a true psychic does not need to be face-to-face with you in order to read your energy, because you energy is accessible from anywhere.  This means that, so long as you are working with a true psychic, your reading will be just as accurate over the phone as it would be in person.

In fact, your reading may even be more accurate over the phone, because the psychic is less likely to be distracted or confused by your facial expressions or body movements.

Although a true psychic does not need to read facial expressions or body movements, they may believe that they are not attuning to your proper energy if they see you (for example) fidgeting or cracking your knuckles.  What may be, for you, a way to relieve physical discomfort can look to them as if you are doubting their reading.


Understanding the World of Psychic Readings Over the Phone

People who claim to be psychics have been around for decades, if not centuries.  They have held posts in fortune-telling stations at local carnivals; they have been on television talk shows; they have written books; they have opened small storefronts on city-block corners.

Now, they are even offering services over the telephone, via email, and through online chat rooms.  This article intends to serve as a basic guide to understanding how psychic readings over the phone may be beneficial to you, what sorts of services they offer, and how you can protect yourself as you use these services.

Psychic Readings Over the Phone – Benefits to You


The following section has been written to give you a better understanding of the various benefits of choosing psychic readings over the phone instead of in-person psychic readings.  Many psychic readings over the phone are free of charge, work with your busy lifestyle, and allow you to control your spending.


Many Are Free-of-Charge


If they have never visited a psychic themselves, most people know at least one person who has.  Most of us have heard stories about the miraculous things psychics have known about our friends who have visited them.

We have heard about how famous psychics have predicted major world events throughout history.  Of course, we have also heard our share of stories about ‘the fakes,’ ‘the phonies,’ the people who claim to be psychic but seem to get everything wrong.

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not psychics are real.  Some people whole-heartedly believe that anyone claiming to be a psychic is simply someone who has found a way to manipulate your emotions and scam you out of your money.

  Most of us remember seeing commercials on late-night television asking us to call in for a psychic reading, for ‘low, low price of whatever-the-going-rate-was per minute.’  But what if the services were offered free of charge?

What if you received a free trial which allowed you to test out this particular psychic and see if you thought she or he was worth spending money on?  There is no better way to be sure that you are getting the real deal than to try it out for yourself.  And there is no better way to try it out than for free.

Works With Your Busy Lifestyle


The pace of life in today’s society is difficult to keep up with at the best of times.  People often find themselves running around all day long between their various responsibilities.  Who wants to have to make an appointment, drive to a building, and sit in a waiting room after a full day of work, chores, and family obligations?  Wouldn’t it be nicer to sit at home with your feet up?

By using psychic readings over the phone, you are able to do just that.  Simply dial a phone number and get connected to a live psychic.  Some people believe that the more you are relaxed, the better your energy flows.

 If this is the case, being at home in a relaxing atmosphere should actually make it easier for the psychic to read you.  You can lie on your sofa with your feet up.  You can sit in a comfortable chair by your fireplace.  You can even lie in a bathtub of warm water and essential oils.

Need advice on the go?  Psychic readings over the phone offer you the opportunity to call in from a break at work, on your way to the store – from just about anywhere you can imagine.  Now you can get help with handling your difficult co-worker at the time you need it most.  Now you can have an energy healing session before that big meeting.

Control Your Spending


Many over-the-phone psychic companies will have websites set up which allow you to control your spending.  We all know how easy it can be to lose track of time when we are deep in conversation.  Many of these websites allow you to pre-pay a certain amount of money into an online account.

This is the money you have approved yourself to spend.  When the money runs out, so does your time on the phone.  It is as simple as that.  No going over your budgeted amount!  No surprise phone bills!

Coupon codes are also available online.  This means that if you set up an online account for psychic readings over the phone you will be able to enter the coupon code and save yourself some money.  This way, you can reduce your budget, or keep your budget the same and get more for your money.

Psychic Readings Over the Phone – Finding Free Readings

Most good psychics will offer you the first few minutes of a psychic reading for free.  Of course they cannot offer you free services forever – they are people too and have bills to pay just the same as the rest of us.

It are these free trial minutes which help you locate a true psychic and ensure you are happy with the services before you begin to pay.  Of course there will be some true psychics who do not offer a free trial option, just as there will be some fake psychics who do.

The trick is to:

  • Do your homework.
  • Stay on guard.


Do Your Homework


By researching the psychic before contacting her or him, you are able to get an idea of how satisfied past clients were.  Remember to look for reviews from websites other than the psychic’s own website, as he or she is not likely to post negative reviews.

Reviews that are posted on a psychic’s website are usually testimonials.  Although they help you see the best reviews she or he has received, you may want to expand your search to other areas of the internet to ensure you are getting a full representation of people’s satisfaction levels.

Stay On Guard


Watch out for psychics who aren’t willing to give you personal information about yourself in your free trial minutes.  If you find that your free minutes are made up of explanations or generalities like, “You are a good person at heart.”

Be aware that you may not get your money’s worth once the free trial minutes have expired.  Be up-front and honest from the start of the conversation and have hard-hitting questions ready to go.  This way you will be able to see if the psychic can actually do what she or he claims to do.

Psychic Readings Over the Phone – Types of Readings


All psychics offer a different range of services, based on their personal abilities.  Some psychics are able to contact loved ones who have passed on; some can foresee the future; some can see the emotions inside of you; others can see very far into the past.  The following is a short list of some of the options you will find available to you, with brief descriptions of these options.

Energy Healing Readings


In these types of readings, the psychic is able to assess your essential energies.  She or he can get an idea of what damage has been done to your energy fields as a result of things like stress and illness.  Even from a long distance, it is believed that the psychic can heal those areas of your energy and help bring you back to healthy levels so you can function better in your everyday life.


Past Life Readings


Some people believe in reincarnation.  It is also believed that some psychics carry the ability to psychically access information about past lives.  They are able to tell you who you were in a past life, what you did, what kind of life you lived, and what sorts of emotional attachments you brought forth with you – some which likely made you stronger, and others which you still need to resolve.

Psychic Readings Over the Phone – Summary


So, what are some of the most important things to know when it comes to psychic readings over the phone?  Here is a summary of what this article has discussed.

Psychic readings over the phone can benefit you because:

  • Many are free-of-charge.
  • They work with your busy lifestyle.
  • They allow you to control your spending.

Finding free readings will save you a little bit of money, but will mostly help you spot the fakes.

Two big pieces of advice when searching for good psychic readings over the phone are:

  • Do your homework.
  • Stay On Guard.

Psychic readings over the phone will different from one psychic to another depending on her or his abilities.

Some popular psychic readings are:

  • Energy Healings.
  • Past Life Readings.
  • Future Prediction.

Predicting the Future


Some people believe that the future is set in stone; others believe that every choice will lead to a different outcome.  Psychic readings over the phone can help you find out what is true for you.

If your future is set in stone, knowing what is to come can at least help you be emotionally prepared.  If there some certain choices which could lead you down different paths, it could be very important to arm yourself with knowledge as to where those paths lead.


Understanding the World of Psychic Readings by Email

Psychics have been around for quite some time.  Although they are a little-discussed part of human history, their place in history certainly exists.  In recent history, psychics have gone from being a sort of side show act at local carnivals (likely one of the few ways they were able to make money given the way society often looked down on them), to being celebrated as intuitive spiritual teachers.

Psychics are now often seen as people who are able to access parts of reality that the rest of us are, for some reason, blind to.  Whether it is because they are more spiritually evolved beings or can make better use of their brains is currently unknown.

Whatever the reason for their abilities may be, it is believed that psychics are able to see into the future, communicate with the dead, access and manipulate the energy systems of others, and see far into the past.

You can often find the address of a psychic in a phone book.  You can still find psychics are fairs and carnivals.  Now you can even find a psychic who will deliver psychic readings by email, over the phone, and in chat rooms.  This article intends to explore and explain the world of psychic readings by email.

Psychic Readings by Email – Benefits to You


Save and Print Transcripts


When visiting a psychic in person, you may find yourself having to bring a tape recorder to record the session if you don’t want to forget anything.  If you do not already own a tape recorder, this will be an extra cost to you.  Sometimes psychics offer to tape the conversation for you, but it is also often at an addition cost.

When you use psychic readings by email, you automatically have a written record of your psychic reading.  You can simply save it in a word processing program, or print it directly from your email inbox.  This will allow you to show friends and family, or tuck it away in a safe place so you can check how accurate the predictions were in the future.

Private and Confidential


A great thing about psychic readings by email is that your information is safe and will not be viewed by others.  Most companies which offer psychic readings by email explicitly state their privacy and confidentiality information and agreements on their websites.  Look for this information, read it over, and be sure you understand it.

Be Sure Your Questions are Answered


In using psychic readings by email, you are able to compile a list of questions before ever speaking with the psychic.  You can set out those questions for her or him in an email to be sure that they are answered.  You do not have to worry that you will get lost in conversation and run out of time before having a chance to ask all of your questions, because your questions are already laid out.

It is suggested that you ask about five questions per email reading.  This allows your psychic to answer each question fully within the amount of time he or she has to devote to your email.

Work with Your Schedule


Psychic readings by email do not require you to make an appointment.  They don’t even require you to be able to sit on the other end of a telephone.  You simply send off your questions and the psychic reads your energy from afar.

She or he then writes out your answers and emails them back to you.  You can read them whenever it is convenient for you: sitting in your favourite chair at home, relaxing in the bathtub, on the bus, on the train, on an airplane.

Psychic Readings by Email – Protect Yourself


Research Potential Psychics


It is important to do your homework when it comes to psychics.  It can be easy for a trained individual to tell you all the things most people want to hear and have you believing that they know what they are talking about.

When researching any psychics, be sure to check for reviews from actual clients.  Do not rely solely on the psychic’s website for this information, because, like any good businessperson, the psychic will likely focus only on positive reviews and neglect to include any negative reviews.

Beware of Generalities


Have your questions ready.  Ask specific questions without giving away too much personal information.  Everyone wants to hear that they are a good person, that they try hard, and that their life has been difficult, et cetera.  Some psychics say these sorts of things because they could apply to anyone.  Asking for specific information will help you be sure you are dealing with a true psychic.

Psychic Readings by Email – What You Can Learn From Them


Psychic readings come in all different types.  Remember that some psychics see the future, some see the present, some see the past, some speak to the other side, and some can do all of these.  Make sure you know what abilities your psychic has before jumping in with certain questions, in case they are questions she or he is unable to answer.

 Here is a list of some of the things you learn about in a psychic reading by email:

  • Your deepest inner self.
  • The state of your relationships and what you can do to help them flourish.
  • Strengths, weaknesses, and energies brought forward from past lives.
  • The direction of your career; career roadblocks; career opportunities.
  • You grand purpose in life and the greatest lessons you have yet to learn.