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How To Master Reading Tarot Cards

At some point, you might have thought about how to read tarot cards. Many think it is almost impossible to master this special skill as one needs to memorize and analyze each of the seventy-eight cards. What others fail to realize is that reading tarot cards can actually be as easy as counting numbers.

Learning their meanings and understanding how they inter-relate is necessary in the process, but it will not take months for one to completely master how to read tarot cards. With genuine intuitions and heartfelt readings, one can master the art of reading tarot cards.

  1. Start with the Basics!

Majority of tarot readers all over the world masterly know how to read tarot cards because of their deep understanding of the cards. The cards are basically understood by many readers using simple divisions between the cards: minor and major arcana. Other divisions are based on the illustrations revealed on one side of each card.

There are 22 major arcana cards. Major arcana cards are considered the foundation of all tarot readings. They present major lessons and important realizations throughout an individual’s life. These kinds of cards serve as “checkpoints” in life as we develop each personality throughout. Therefore, major arcana cards present a “bigger picture” of a person’s life.

Moreover, there are 56 minor arcana cards all in all. Unlike the major arcana cards, minor arcana cards represent an individual’s daily life worries. Minor cards reveal the “zoomed” or detailed story of the major arcana.

These cards have four divisions of suits:

  • wands
  • cups
  • swords
  • pentacles

Many probably refuse to study how to read tarot cards because they see it as a complex job to do. The result of the reading will depend on the reader and how he/she interprets the cards. Those four suits above need to be carefully understood. For example, cups symbolize emotions. A good reader will associate that to a person’s relationship with other people and feelings.

The numbering of minor arcana cards is alike to that of playing cards. There are ten ace cards and four court cards. In reading each ace-ten, the understanding of card progression is important. One will also need to relate a card’s number to the qualities of suits.

  1. Focus On The Cards

The tarot cards are full of symbol. Illustrations reveal deep emotions where every person can relate to. Since different readers have different perceptions, one cannot expect the same reading from reader to reader. However, the authenticity and consistency of the reading can still be kept through deep observations of cards and wise interpretations.

To know how to read tarot cards, one doesn’t have to really critically learn all of the symbols, just the associations around. It’s not just the cards that have symbols. People and their actions can speak of something too. For example, male figures represent direct action. If the person you’re reading a card for is facing away or turning his/her back, then that might be one of the symbols.

  1. Trust Your Intuition

As you pick a card, you might have felt something. That is your intuition. Before deciding on the final reading, consider the symbol of the cards and your own intuition as well. Cards are full of emotions and these cards require you to deeply connect with them. To balance the reading, involve your heart into it.

One doesn’t need to memorize all the symbols and analyze every detail on the cards. Just learn the basics and feel your intuition, then you will master how to read tarot cards.



The Ultimate Truth Revealed about Live Tarot Reading

Starting from the middle age, people are turning to spiritual guidance more and more often. People are curious by nature and this curiosity makes them driven to explore the mysteries of the human existence. By connecting with the spirits, one lives in harmony with the Universe. These people are connected with oracles and Gods.

Oracle of Delphi

The most famous one is the Oracle of Delphi, an oracle for whom many have traveled to the Greek Islands to see and receive counsel from. The entrance of this particular temple is incurved with the words ‘Know thy self’.

This may now seem ancient, but even though the world has changed a lot since the ancient Greek civilization, we are still seeking a spiritual guidance that will help us get through our lives and problems. We find oracles in our teachers, psychotherapists, book authors, music artists, artists, friends, family etc. These people are here to help us discover our true selves and by doing so, we are guiding our life paths.

How Tarot Reading Works

Tarot reading is another way to do this. In Tarot reading, the oracle is the tarot, which people use to get counsel from. The beauty of this is that the tarot is not a person. The tarot is a tool available at everyone’s disposal in order to unravel their own, personal world and purpose.

The Tarot gets its energy from us. The only way for a tarot reading to disclose our secrets is for us to believe it will. When a tarot reading is successful, it may provide new life concepts and a deep insight into our lives. It helps us discover the deepest secrets, brainstorm and even find out about the biggest influences in our lives. It offers a new sense of awareness for those things we weren’t even aware of.

You create your own future. A tarot can never tell you what to do or how to do it. At the end, it will solely act as guidance and you will be the one who will choose your own destiny. By reading your future by tarot reading, you identify your feelings, goals and life purposes.

Enhance Your Intuition

If you work with the Tarot on regular basis, you can improve your intuitive skills. This will help you rid of anxiety and fear and instead, place some confidence in your future actions.

Divination is seeking out the divine in things. This is how Tarot helps you connect with yourselves, the humanity and the Universe. By doing so, you encounter the true mysticism of the world.

When you need to be certain about something and have nowhere to turn, maybe it is time for you to find a deeper meaning. Tarot reading can help you connect with your subconscious and it just might be the right time for you to choose live tarot reading as a solution.

People have used tarot cards for centuries. By doing so, they predicted the future and modified their lives in the instant. They use Tarot for all kinds of purposes. Some seek for the love of their life, some at a career solution, and some at a life meaning. Life is complicated and tarot reading can open your mind to many new possibilities. You just have to open your heart to it.

Cartomancy Helped Others, Let It Help You

Tarot reading is commonly referred to as cartomancy reading or a reading about the past, present and future. This process includes a deck of cards that are looked at by experts in order to reveal the deepest secrets of one’s existence.

Many people choose to get a reading and decide to find the right tarot reader. When they do, they would set up a session, go to it and receive a reading in exchange with a small amount of money. People who are confused and worried about an occurrence in their lives often turn to this method.

However, there is no longer a need to wait for a session, visit a tarot reader privately. You can enjoy live tarot reading from the commodity of your home, too. Some tarot readers now set up websites that you can use to communicate with them.

If you decide that they are your right choice, what separates you is just a click. Just make sure to find the right tarot reader to open up to and discover your past, present and future secrets.

Is Online Tarot Reading Good and Should you Choose this Method?

The answer is a definite yes. If you are not sure just yet, have a look at the readings’ history and see for yourself how much these readings turned out to be true. When choosing the right live tarot reading expert, make sure to check online for reviews and testimonials to avoid frauds.


Is Tarot Reading Effective?

The answer would be yes again.

Despite the fact that the Tarot legitimacy has been debated for a very long period, it has proven to be effective in many ways. Many people argue that Tarot cards are not at all mystical and that people who use them rely solely on their wide imagination.

Additionally, there are those who believe that Tarot is really a supernatural force, but created in order to open the people to negative influences and energy.

Tarot reading is not a fraud, nor it is a supernatural force. Tarot is a tool that enables people to peer into the significance of their lives in order to gain a new perspective. The Tarot depends on the people who use it as a tool.

It reflects the person who decides to enjoy it and can be utilized for problem solving and understanding. People often compare it to hypnosis and meditation because of its ability to guide people to enlightenment and a deeper level of self- awareness.

People often see live tarot reading as indefinite. They claim that the future is not absolute and cannot be predicted. The future is constantly shifting and changing, that is true, but Tarot reading can unravel the potential consequences or outcomes of a single act.

Yes, the future constantly changes and new possibilities are always around the corner. The more experienced tarot readers can look into the cards and explore great varieties of outcomes and influences. A good tarot reading gives a person a solution to a specific situation or an issue. It gives them enough information for them to make better life choices.

Of course, there are many theories on how the Tarot cards really work, but the most common one is the one that places the cards in the position to tap into our intuition. The intuition is closely connected to the unconscious and the hidden aspects of ourselves. This is the home of the human soul and the place that drives force behind any action we make in life.

Personal truths and self-knowledge are hidden within this unconscious and this is where we also place our deepest, hidden memories and experiences. This is where the Tarot leads to. It is known to reveal the unconscious workings in order to help people discover what they really feel and know.

Tarot is archetypal. What does this mean? It means that it is based on universal themes that reflect the human feelings and experiences. The symbolism that the Tarot reflects is based on this imagery and these thoughts and emotions included are shared by all.

The Tarot is a symbol of the life stages that we live trough from the moment we are born up until the moment when we die. This is why Tarot is important – to reveal the significant lessons life brings, learn them and accept them.

Advantages Of Live Tarot Reading


Why choose tarot reading? The answer is simple and beautiful – to improve your life. The art of live tarot reading is based on intuition and even those who are a beginner in it can learn to enjoy its beauty.

An expert in tarot reading claims that the Tarot is an inner voice that has the ability to guide you towards the right direction and show you the right path to follow. An expert tarot reader can help you understand the messages that are being cluttered by the planets and stars’ cosmic energy. These experts can help you learn to develop a more fulfilling, happy life.

People who are not ready to face their inner truth or the messages that may prove to be negative to them often judge the tarot cards reading. They are wrong. Tarot cards do not lead your lives; they cannot predict your future. Tarot is simply a tool that can help you connect with your intuition on a higher level and by doing this; it is you that can improve your life.

Live tarot reading tips:

  • Tarot can help you gain clarity

Tarot will point out the truth for you, help you connect with your intuition and your higher self. When this is done, you will be able to develop a new, clearer and closer perspective on your life and plan a better future.

  • Tarot can help you find out what are the influences and areas you need to improve

Tarot can help you resolve conflicts and discover what influences them. People are often overwhelmed of life occurrences and tarot can highlight all the things that you need to pay attention to in order to make your life decisions better. Focus on the inner unconscious to get better results than the ones you expected.

  • Tarot can help you find your inner peace.

Life can be overwhelming and we often feel unsure of many things that create it, but there is no need for fear or worry for the future if we just learn to look into the depths of Tarot.

Tarot does not predict the future for us, but it can help us find out what our future is going to be, based on our past and present. When learning to do proper tarot reading, you can make sense of your past and present and learn how to improve your future accordingly.


  • Tarot can help you choose the right decision

Rely on your live tarot reading expert to give you their best advice. If you ask the right question, you may get the right overview on your present and past and this will result with a couple of options that will help you with your tough choice. A good tarot reader can help you choose the right path.


  • Tarot can improve your life

Tarot does not change the future, you do. Free will is the strongest quality of every individual. This is why tarot can change the life in overall. If the tarot says something you don’t like, you can choose to change it. You can take control over your life and improve it. This is what tarot reading actually aims towards.


Truth Revealed: What is tarot reading?

Tarot reading is quite an interesting subject of interest nowadays. Many decide to go to a tarot reading session and you may wonder what this really means.  Tarot reading is perfect for those who are looking for more insight into their future.

Before you decide to experience this amazing adventure, it is crucial that you discover what tarot reading is. This article should help you understand the purpose of tarot reading, its origins and how it came to be what is today.

How Some People View Tarot Reading

Many people feel reservation when it comes to tarot reading. This is a result of them not really understanding the tarot, and a person who does not known what is a tarot reading, can easily be misled to thinking it is a bad thing.

There are two words I would use to describe tarot. The first one would be divination. This word is quite dramatized and theatrical and can move so far from the truth that the results may be amazing. The second word would be occult. This word brings sensations and drama and people often find themselves experiencing some form of resistance toward it.

Is Tarot Reading Occult?

Occult is not what many consider it to be. It is not a ritualistic worshiping of the devil or calling out for the bad ghosts. This term refers to hidden knowledge and how we have to become our own researchers, working by following our deepest intuitions.

Whichever way we choose to do this will make us question truth and reality and make us want to change life perception, but at the end the truth will always emerge and break that association of bad you have created in your consciousness.

Divination in Tarot Reading

Divination can confuse everyone and tarot reading is divined. The focus of the tarot reading is on the bigger picture of our existence, a picture that is above our natural ability to look into without the right guidance and predictions.

The media has presented Spiritual Awareness and Psychic Ability as an over-dramatized fiction that misleads people and makes them vulnerable. They claim that there are only a few selected psychic individuals that were gifted with the ability to look and communicate with other dimensional states.

This is not true. We all can realize what tarot reading is and raise our vibrations at will. If we manage to connect our wisdom to our wishes, we all can receive a higher order advice and proper guidance.

The Role Of Images is Tarot Reading

The Tarot cards are designed with a specifically created imagery that should stimulate and encourage the sub-conscious part of the brain to interpret certain signs and predictions. These interpretations can be delivered in a story of images that would allow the free-minded readers to explore the amazing possibilities of the tarot reading.

The most important element of tarot reading is fun. It does not matter on which side of the tarot cards you are, whether you are the one reading them or the one whose tarot cards are read. It is crucial that you relax and enjoy the process in order to enroll the magic of the entire process.

By being rigid, you do not allow the mystery to unfold and your interpretation of the given information may become limited and restricted. This is why relaxed body and mind lead to better tarot reading.

Avoid Being Judgmental

Another crucial element is not to judge your tarot reader. If you are having a personal, online or telephone tarot reading, it should rely on your willingness to remain receptive and open minded for the predictions of the reader. If you lack of faith, you cannot truly accept what is being seen and you will not allow this new knowledge to enter your life.

Often you will feel that the tarot reading is not very relevant or appropriate for the life you are living. But, be open-minded and patient. Tarot reading can reveal importance later in your days and you must know when to reflect and recall the received predictions and information. If you manage to stay focused and trustful, you will know when the right moment comes.

Many people think that a Psychic Tarot reading can attract evil into their homes. Some think that if they decide to do this, misfortune will follow. But, do not believe anything you hear. The realm of possibilities and beliefs is so grand that you only need to follow your free mind. Base your opinion on the many factors available at your reach, but remain honest with yourselves when the information is shown in front of you.


The Perfect Time To Trust

If you do this, you will be amazed on how fast the negative associations to tarot reading will disappear. Your clarity of judgment will change and you will start trusting the new, right perspective that connects the life and the Universes. The Universe known more than you do or you think you do, and sharing that knowledge can make you more peaceful, informed and content. When you are tarot reading, trust your connection with the universe.

A tarot reading is a magnificent journey, a self-discovery path that leads to a greater truth of all knowing connection with the universe. Spiritual people use their own tools and methods to raise their awareness and consciousness an aim this toward their right time and place for enlightenment.

Tarot Reading From Past Till Present

People have practiced Tarot Card Reading for years now and what have they discovered. What is tarot reading really? It has been regarded as one of the most valuable assets to the community’s well-being. The tribes’ shamans and doctors used these sessions as a part of their practice, by helping people find spiritual guidance, indicate the unseen and be ready for the unexpected that would come and put them at risk.

This allowed civilizations to get ready for threats, whether they came from other divisions or adversaries or were simply products of nature; such as bad weather that would harm the natural resources. This method of interpreting and predicting the future became crucial to these civilizations and allowed them to use the opportunity to be more aware and prepared in advance for all future issues.

Psychic reading has remained an appropriate method even nowadays, but now, the tarot reader is expected to understand the spirits and life process fundamentally, by enriching it with vibration and energy. One would have to be aware of the universe, the human conditions and the neurological process that constructs the reality. They would have to broaden the perspective in many ways in order to understand and share the information received in a form of a proper guidance.

Reading tarot cards can be different, but a tarot reader must have a fundamental understanding. Those lacking in this may cause negative experiences for the ones the tarot cards are being read to. One must be aware of their knowing, connections and experience before unraveling such information to a person who genuinely needs them.

Understanding Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading is amazing. You can read the tarot cards on any subject or topic possible, the only thing that can limit this is the lack of imagination.

Imagination and focus are crucial for life-changing predictions. You have to be ready to imagine things beyond your reach and knowledge in order to receive a higher guidance. Your truest and deepest heart desires can bring you to your destination, but only if you broaden your focus.

In order to unravel the truth hidden in the tarot cards, you must study their meanings and reflect them in your current situation. When you enter the depth of the tarot, you can contemplate their relevance and turn this into successful ability to look into a better future.

Psychic tarot readings are very famous nowadays. Many people now turn to this method in order to find life guidance. Tarot reading can provide people with the knowledge that will help them make better choices for their lives, relationships and careers.

A tarot card reading is best with an expert psychic. These experts have a deep understanding on everything connected with the tarot and the Universes and can provide you with information you never even thought of. You just need to make sure to find the right reader. This can be done with a thorough research, reviews reading and recommendations.

There are many tarot readers now. You just need to choose the right one that meets your budget and requirements. A person with positive reviews and a web cam would be a better option, since you will be able to enjoy professional reading, done face to face.

If you are not sure, there are many professionals that give you the chance to enjoy a free of charge session before paying, such as California Psychics. In this way, you will make sure to find the right service for your needs and see if you can connect with your psychic reader in a higher, spiritual level. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. You may be surprised how many people have found their connection with the Universe.


Open your Mind to Spiritual Tarot Reading

Life is full of mysteries and people tend to unravel them by using many methods at their disposal. Some seek the answers in religion, science, art; but there are others that seek the truth in mysticism and metaphysics. These people use the technique of spiritual tarot reading to look into the hidden life mysteries.

The Core of Spiritual Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is a spiritual method that came into existence in the middle ages. This was the period when the cards were used for fun and playing games, but then the believers in the mystical existence started using them for occult and divination. These cards are said to be guided by spiritual forces and are a way to tap into your subconscious.

A single tarot cards deck consists of 78 cards. This deck is divided in two parts called the Major and the Minor Arcanas. The first Arcana are known as the Trump Cards or the Greater Secrets. This part consists of the special character cards. The latter is also known as the Lesser Secrets. This deck looks similar as the regular one since it consists of the four suits and a deck of 56 cards with kings, queens, knights, jacks and numbered pieces.


Have Your Fortune Read

Do you want to have your fortune read? If you wish to do this, you must focus on a specific field. These fields often include finance, health, career, money or love. If you wish, you can start with general reading and further continue by gauging the reader’s skills. If you manage to choose the right person for the task, you should be satisfied by their work.

Online Spiritual Tarot Reading

Some people prefer online spiritual tarot reading over a live one. The internet is filled with tarot reading professionals that can do some fortune reading immediately. You should not encounter problems finding an expert, but make sure to research thoroughly in order to find the best one.

A lot of people think of fortune reading as very personal and many are against doing it online. Some even find it unpractical since it differs greatly from astrology reading and you would have to unravel personal details to a complete stranger.

This should not be the case. Tarot reading is a practical, convenient way to work with an expert that can help you solve your biggest problems.

Tarot reading provides you with an insight into symbolization. It is a spot where psychology and spirituality meet to extend your point of view.

A spiritual tarot reading can help you focus upon your life. Tarot reading is based on prediction and cannot change your lifespan, but it may direct your life on the right course.

Make Some Parts of Your Life Better with Spiritual Tarot Reading

Life is difficult, but you can improve it. You may suffer from pain and grief or you may enjoy happiness. How you carve your life is solely your decision and tarot reading can forecast your future, but it is just an approach to your methods and decisions.

A psychic reading is a story told by an expert that can help you clarify your life occurrences. Each of the cards used in tarot reading symbolizes inclinations, personalities of judgments. Making a story out of these cards can point out to the relations between these symbols and help you get the right prediction.

If you decide to experience an online tarot reading, this can help you classify your problems. When this is done, you will be able to notice the big picture and start solving the little pieces of the big puzzle. If you manage to see your mistake, you can continue with the right decisions and this will lead to happier life.

The cards have different symbols and manifestations and you need to recognize them in order to properly connect to the Universe. A single card can have different connotations in different positions.

Make sure to be persistent and open-minded. Your first reading is not necessarily the right one and you must reflect afterwards on what the cards really represented. Try to contemplate cautiously with your analysis since a single analysis is not necessarily interpreted right. There is a great variety of what it could really mean.